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The Red Sea is Ethiopia’s only breath – Prime Minister Abiy


According to the prime minister in his explanation regarding the port, we want the entire people of Ethiopia, countries in the Horn of Africa as well as all African countries, western and eastern countries to understand that this is Ethiopia’s real need and problem.

He recalled that Ethiopia was the owner of two ports about 30 years ago, and its population was about 46/47 million people and it had a total domestic income of about 12 to 13 billion dollars.

He mentioned that after 30 years, the ownership of two ports has been reduced to the level of commercial use of ports. We thought and they raised the fact that Djibouti has been reduced to using its money, trade laws, and agreements. After some time, when there was a conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, it was reduced from two ports to using only one port.

The Prime Minister, who pointed out that there is no part of the world that does not need a Red Sea, emphasized that there should be no shame when Ethiopia raises this question. He explained that there are those who raise the port issue as a new issue and there are those who pretend to harm the sovereignty of neighboring countries. But he explained that Ethiopia has no desire to invade and harm the sovereignty of any country.

For example, they said that it is necessary to know and understand that the great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was built not to harm anyone but to benefit oneself and to help other neighboring countries. He pointed out that it is necessary to understand that the Red Sea is to be used in the same way as the Renaissance Dam. “Ethiopia did not make unreasonable demands outside the law; She has no desire to fire a shot at neighboring countries; “But let’s discuss it in terms of law and business,” he said.

He pointed out that the brother countries should listen to Ethiopia’s question and tailor a solution, not only for Ethiopia but also for the consequences of the problem if it comes to their country.

He mentioned that Ethiopia does not want conflict to do this, and called on them to solve our problems together by talking to avoid conflict. He said that the governments of the world should help 120 million people to find a solution so that they are not exposed to hunger, problems and dispersion.

They said that the option other than this may not work for the time being. He also asked everyone to cooperate in this matter with a sincere heart.

He basically found out



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