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Ethio Telecom announced four services


Ethio Telecom announced four services

Ethio Telecom has introduced services to its customers today that allow for better voice and video quality phone calls.

The announced services are “Voltie Service”, “Rich Communication Service”, “Multimedia Messaging Service” and “Voice Mail Service”.

“Voltie service” is said to enable customers to make phone calls with superior audio and video quality following the widespread availability of 4G network.

It is also stated that a service called “Rich Communication” allows individual and business customers to share messages using standard messaging services.

The other one announced today is the “Multimedia Messaging Service” and it is mentioned that it can send unlimited video and voice messages at the same time.

“Voicemail service” ÷ It is pointed out that it allows the caller to leave a voicemail when customers are out of service.



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