Home Management Congratulations! Ethio telecom,

Congratulations! Ethio telecom,


Africa’s pioneering telecom service provider has officially launched state of the arts 5G mobile network in Africa’s capital Addis Ababa at six different stations!

We are very proud to announce the launching of this latest technology which has an ultra-capacity with super-fast speed and Ultra low latency aimed at realizing digital Ethiopia’s transformation.

This reliable and multi-faceted service provisioning technological breakthrough, which is launched only in few parts of the world, will play paramount roles in connecting a number of diversified and automated devices at a time supporting Internet of Things (IOT), particularly in enabling sectors like manufacturing plants, remote Health care, precision Agriculture and self-driving vehicles etc. so as to increase their efficiency, productivity and excellence.

Similarly, our company is highly committed to expand the 5G mobile network infrastructure to the rest of the country in line with service demand drivers.



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